Saturday, 7 October 2017

Cut your Url

The service is meant to shorten Urls ?

Short url service is a very famous service and used frequently on the Internet and its mission is to shorten the urls and protect them for ease of use in many areas short urls short urls is shortening the length of the url for ease of use as an example: you have a url in this format and you want to visit it quickly or send it in a text message to one of the favorites on the phone or leave it in your signature on your site or in forums. I think it will be difficult to use in this way. But with the url service you can do this and the url will look like this

Note !

After clicking the url, the url will go to a page with adsense ads and countdowns 10 seconds and then click the button(Click Here to see the url) button after which the visitor is directed to the original url.

Do you want to try to shorten your url ?

You can place your url in the box and then press submit.