The service is meant to shorten urls ?

Short link service is a very famous service and used frequently on the Internet and its mission is to shorten the urls and protect them for ease of use in many areas short urls short urls is shortening the length of the link for ease of use as an example: you have a link in this format and you want to visit it quickly or send it in a text message to one of the favorites on the phone or leave it in your signature on your site or in forums. I think it will be difficult to use in this way. But with the link service you can do this and the link will look like this

Note !

After clicking the link, the link will go to a page with adsense ads and countdowns 10 seconds and then click the button(Click Here to see the url) after which the visitor is directed to the original link.

Do you want to try to shorten your url ?

You need to login to this link short your url.
Then open a page with a box inside it.
You can place your url and then press submit.

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Article about Forex

What is Forex?

Forex Trading is the largest financial market in the world, with more than $ 3 trillion traded daily. This market is based on trading in global currencies.

How does the Forex market trade?

Forex trading is done by buying or selling "currency pairs" where the trader trades one currency against another. Examples of major currency pairs include EUR / USD, USD / JPY, EUR / JPY, GBP / CHF, CAD / USD and others. When you open a position in the Forex markets, you are placing a "long" position on a particular currency and a "short" position on another currency. There is no specific central location for the Forex market, so it is one of the most flexible and accessible online trading for all investors from around the world.

Is forex trading risky?

The short answer is "yes". However, there are many methods and methods that can be used to reduce risks. These include risk trading: market analysis (technical analysis of currencies and basic currency analysis), appropriate choice of trading systems, use of signal providers and Forex recommendations, and trading through automated Forex programs. However, the best way to reduce risk, which is the long and arduous way, is to teach the Forex sufficient about the Forex markets, before you start trading on the account of real Forex. But most experts advise you to use a demo account for a certain period of time before you can make real money.

What are the Forex market hours?

The Forex market is characterized by 24 hours of operation. The "Forex Day" begins in Sydney, Australia, and travels around the world through Tokyo, London, and New York, according to the time it operates.

What is the difference or similarity between the Forex markets and the stock market or investment funds?

There are many things that are common to Forex markets, stock markets or other trading markets, but in general, you can say that the Forex markets are trading operations with a shorter life than operations in other markets. Most Forex traders do not leave their positions open overnight, with a fee called "extension fee". The stock market is also much smaller than the currency market, making learning difficult.

How long will Forex positions be maintained?

This depends mainly on the trader's desire, but statistics show that 80% of Forex trading lasts for 7 days or less, 40% of which ends in less than two days. In general, traders in the Forex markets close their positions when they make profits from these deals. While a stop loss occurs when the loss reaches a certain limit or when another position becomes available and the trader decides to transfer the money to it.

How often do Forex markets trade?

Since most Samsamra do not charge for the opening of new positions, and the market is open around the clock, traders are opening multiple positions throughout the day. According to recent studies, the average position opened by the trader daily is between the twenty-twenty status.